Faculty of Medicine Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine MedIT

Instructional Support Services
Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building
5850 College Street, Tupper Link, Room G-34
Halifax, N.S. 


Lecture Room Services

  •  Computer Data Projection (Windows/Mac)
  • Video Projection
  • Overhead Projection
  •  Flip Charts & Markers
  • 35mm Slide Projection (Single & Dual)
  • Video/Audio Cassette/CD Playback
  • Equipment Delivery/Setup/Return
  • Projector Relamping
  • Emergency Assistance

Technical Support Services

  • Video/Audio Recording
  • Audioconferencing
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Poster Display Units
  • Multimedia Equipment
  • Training/Orientation/Prechecks
  • Systems Design/Installation/Security
  • Conference A/V Planning/Technical Support
  • Equipment Recommendations/Price Quotes
  • Equipment Loans/Rentals
  • Sale of Video/Audio Cassettes, Lamps, Batteries, Etc.)

Instructional Technology Basic Training Presentation

training basic_training.pdf

This presentation covers the use of data projectors, including troubleshooting tips, the twelve "Golden Rules" of data projection, and some "advanced" subjects.

Instructional Support Brochure

brochure ISS_Brochure.pdf

This short brochure describes the Instructional Support services
we offer on Carleton Campus, with contact numbers.

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